The Tricks and the Treats in This Year’s Halloween Advertising

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Along with pink everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pumpkin-flavored everything, one of the surest signs that October is among us is the flurry of Halloween-themed advertisements. From Skittles’ first ever Halloween advertisement to Subway’s scary-not-in-a-good-way showing, here is your Halloween ad roundup.

For the first time in its 40-year history, Skittles released a Halloween-themed commercial. The 15-second TV spot shows a mammoth spider prodding a trick-or-treater to help his friend, who has been trapped in a spider’s web while trying to retrieve a few Skittles fun-size bags. There is also a 45-second web-only (pun absolutely intended) video that tells the done-to-death story of a boy and his giant spider. The extended version (shown below) prompts a smile and at least one chuckle before taking a sharp turn.

“Web” by Skittles

GEICO offers a well-executed spot that evokes the spirit of “Dale and Tucker vs. Evil”, turning a common horror movie trope on its head by ridiculing the bad decision-making of the soon-to-be-victims in slasher flicks.

“It’s What You Do” by GEICO

On the other end of the spectrum, Subway got blasted for a spot that many deemed to be sexist, drawing the ire of such prominent outlets as Time magazine and The Hollywood Reporter, among others. The spot was unceremoniously pulled soon after – a sad misstep, considering how clever their “Crop Fit” ad was.

“Halloween” by Subway



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Do a little experiment while reading this post in its entirety. Count the number of times you check your phone, email, or think about managing your fantasy team on your tablet. Even while writing this post I am not immune to the temptation of checking my Snap Chat or Instagram. We have become a culture that is completely distracted. The problems with diminishing attention spans means that advertisers must determine the factors that make people more engaged. According to the multi-media advertising company, YuMe, ad receptivity is all about location, location, location. It would make sense that people would be more attentive given where and when they see an ad. Many believed that watching TV in the comforts of home was the perfect place for consumers to absorb advertisements; however, YuMe’s research found that people were most likely to recall an ad’s content if viewed on a smart phone in a public place, specifically at work or at school. That being said, advertisers do not need to pander to an audience that is becoming more hyperactive in what they look at. The key is to maximize their reach to audiences in high attention contexts.

NFL Players: Tweeting their way to Payday

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With Football season underway, players have effectively increased their marketing potential through micro-endorsements. These new revenue streams present promising opportunities for brands to tap into the NFL’s extensive fan base as well as a player’s prestige without doling out millions of dollars like Nike or Gatorade. This form of advertising has proven to be highly effective in reaching an intended audience given the NFL’s heavy social media presence. Fans now have access to the lives of over 1,400 NFL players, displaying elements of their personality not apparent during the game. Micro-endorsements will eventually level the playing field when measuring the celebrity of athletes in advertising dollars. Some players have a narrower market share in different regions and, therefore, produce little in advertising sales within their franchise. However, emphasizing hometown or collegiate connections through micro-endorsements can increase a player’s marketability. That is why the NFL Players Inc. in partnership with online marketing company, Opendorse, has welcomed micro-endorsements not only for their earning potential for players, but also for their short negotiation periods. Now, a smaller endorsement deal can be reviewed and given the go ahead within minutes.

How To Make A Million In Three Days

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Johnnie Walker has chosen a unique marketing campaign to promote its Blue Label Whiskey, one that involves Jude Law, the British Virgin Islands, and an priceless Italian boat.

What’s unique about this campaign is that instead of the usual television spot, where companies pay for the viewers, Johnnie Walker has spent the money to produce it’s own short film, one with a compelling story and a cliff hanger. The hope is that the video will become so viral that it will raise more awareness than a traditional TV spot.

However, this type of marketing is risky because there is no guarantee that anyone will watch the video, resulting in a large quantity of money being spent with no reward. However, only being out three days, the YouTube video has already attracted over a million viewers. And with the cliffhanger ending, the sequel is bound to attract the same if not more viewers than the first, raising even more awareness for the Johnnie Walker name.

German Sponsor Adidas Wins As Well

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Even at the beginning of the worldwide tournament, it was certain that there were two companies battling for the top spot. Adidas had sponsored 9 teams and Nike sponsored 10. Although Puma sponsored a total of 8 teams, none of the 8  seemed likely to win. However, even before the final game, one company was obviously the victor.

At the beginning of the tournament, both Nike and Adidas seemed to have equal chances of winning. Nike held possible winners such as Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, and France, which included stars such as Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.. Adidas held Germany, Argentina, Colombia and Spain with stars such as Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez, and Thomas Muller. By the semi-finals, both companies had two teams still in the race, but it quickly went Adidas’ way.


 Both of Adidas’ teams in the semi-finals, Germany and Argentina, advanced to the final, guaranteeing Adidas the winning team. Additionally, Nike’s star athlete, Neymar Jr., was injured before the semi-finals and did not participate. Adidas held the top three scorers in the tournament, two of which were playing in the final game. Germany, Adidas’ home country, ended up winning the Cup, Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball award, Manuel Neuer won the Golden Glove award, and James Rodriguez won the Golden Boot award – all sponsored by Adidas.

These results mean that people everywhere will be buying the jerseys and gear of these teams and players, all of which are sold by Adidas. On the other hand, although Nike held some of the most popular players at the beginning of the tournament, those players will most likely earn less income for Nike than previously anticipated. As a result, Adidas forecasts a 7% or 8% increase in sales. If the numbers hold true, Adidas will earn $400 million more in soccer sales than Nike in the year to come.

Either Adidas is lucky or they have great insight into how to pick teams.

World Cup kit sponsorship

Who’s Confident, Who’s Not?

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The 2014 World Cup has more social media traffic than any other sporting event in history. The upcoming final of Germany and Argentina will add even more to this new record, but we asked ourselves, which country is more excited for the final. It being such a social media success, we believed in social media lies the answer.

Argentina has more mentions than Germany across every major social media site. In total, there have been 35.4 million social mentions of Argentina on social media sites so far this World Cup, whereas Germany only has 22.7 million social mentions. Argentina has received more social mentions than Germany with each victory in every round of the World Cup. Also, the star Argentinian player, Lionel Messi, is the second most talked about player in the entire Cup, with 26 million mentions, whereas the most talked about player on Germany is Thomas Muller, with only 2.7 million mentions.

Germany’s social mentions, however, are much more positive than Argentina’s. 27% of Germany’s discussions are positive towards the team and 19% are negative. Argentina, on the other hand, has only a 22% positive rating and a 20% negative rating, which, according to the data, shows more people believe Germany has a higher chance of winning. Germany is also involved in the most talked about game of the World Cup; Germany vs. Brazil, for obvious reasons, reached 4.8 million mentions in only 90 minutes.

Argentina may lead the discussion on social media, but German fans are more verbally confident that they will win. Watch the game on Sunday to see if they’re right.

Arg Ger Fans Image

World Cup Outscores Super Bowl in the Ad World

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Sports fans and non-sports fans alike know about the notoriety of a Super Bowl ad. Everyone looks forward to the commercials that accompany the game, sometimes even more than the game itself. However, another event may be more deserving of the ad notoriety.

The FIFA World Cup ads have attracted more viewers on YouTube than the NFL’s Super Bowl. The clips shown in our post earlier have helped to reach 1.2 billion minutes of World Cup-related advertising viewership just in one week. This number is four times the amount people spent watching Super Bowl ads last year! Since the World Cup has begun, there have been almost 600 million World Cup-related searches on Google. These ads include companies such as McDonalds, Nike, Beats by Dre, Coca Cola, Adidas, ESPN, Pepsi, and GoPro, and they include stars such as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar Jr., Rooney and Howard.

The statistics show more people are excited to watch futbol ads than football ads. If you haven’t seen them yet be sure to watch all the TV spots and videos on our previous post that all of us at JGA have enjoyed watching.

Super Bowl vs. World Cup Advertising Info Graphic


2014 World Cup Commercials

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Because we are the ultimate viking-soccer loving agency, Johnson Gray has compiled the top 2014 World Cup Commercials and videos thus far.

GOL by McDonald’s

Winner Stays by Nike

The Last Game by Nike Football

The Game Before the Game by Beats By Dre

One World, One Game – Everyone’s Invited by Coca Cola

I am Brazuca by Adidas

I Believe by ESPN

Now is What You Make It by Pepsi

Brasil Futebol – For The Love by GoPro