Blind Children Learning Center

February, 21, 2013 / 0 comments

What a great organization. Our Ads for The Blind Children’s Learning Center.

BCLC Ad Backpack

BCLC Ad Hands

BCLC Ad Close eyes

New Comers

February, 21, 2013 / 0 comments

Johnson Gray Advertising is quite excited to introduce the most recent additions to our list of Vikings! We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Marina Del Rey Hospital and Stewart & Soss Mortgage.

Marina Del Rey Hospital

This beautifully situated hospital that overlooks the harbor is known for more than just its charming setting. Marina Del Rey Hospital is recognized for its excellence in spine care, orthopedics, surgical weight loss, minimally invasive robotics surgery and non-invasive cardiology. A couple things we plan to conquer include building the brand as a whole while accentuating on where they excel!
Known for their nationally recognized spine program and extensive work on countless on countless professional star athletes.

Stewart & Soss Mortgage

This well-established Mortgage Company in San Jose has recently made a geographical expansion. As they have branched out into Orange County and just North of San Francisco, we are collaborating to not only introduce them to their new surroundings but also take their brand to the next level. Reviewers at have recognized Stewart & Soss Mortgage as one of the highest rated financial service companies. Their expansion includes extremely recent office openings, one in beautiful Newport Beach and the other in San Rafael.

We are eager utilize our extensive experience in health care with Marina Del Rey Hospital as we take them to the next level and work with Stewart & Soss Mortgage to develop new and unique ways to utilize new marketing and technology to engage with potential clients