How To Make A Million In Three Days

August, 2, 2014 / 0 comments

Johnnie Walker has chosen a unique marketing campaign to promote its Blue Label Whiskey, one that involves Jude Law, the British Virgin Islands, and an priceless Italian boat.

What’s unique about this campaign is that instead of the usual television spot, where companies pay for the viewers, Johnnie Walker has spent the money to produce it’s own short film, one with a compelling story and a cliff hanger. The hope is that the video will become so viral that it will raise more awareness than a traditional TV spot.

However, this type of marketing is risky because there is no guarantee that anyone will watch the video, resulting in a large quantity of money being spent with no reward. However, only being out three days, the YouTube video has already attracted over a million viewers. And with the cliffhanger ending, the sequel is bound to attract the same if not more viewers than the first, raising even more awareness for the Johnnie Walker name.