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Do a little experiment while reading this post in its entirety. Count the number of times you check your phone, email, or think about managing your fantasy team on your tablet. Even while writing this post I am not immune to the temptation of checking my Snap Chat or Instagram. We have become a culture that is completely distracted. The problems with diminishing attention spans means that advertisers must determine the factors that make people more engaged. According to the multi-media advertising company, YuMe, ad receptivity is all about location, location, location. It would make sense that people would be more attentive given where and when they see an ad. Many believed that watching TV in the comforts of home was the perfect place for consumers to absorb advertisements; however, YuMe’s research found that people were most likely to recall an ad’s content if viewed on a smart phone in a public place, specifically at work or at school. That being said, advertisers do not need to pander to an audience that is becoming more hyperactive in what they look at. The key is to maximize their reach to audiences in high attention contexts.

NFL Players: Tweeting their way to Payday

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With Football season underway, players have effectively increased their marketing potential through micro-endorsements. These new revenue streams present promising opportunities for brands to tap into the NFL’s extensive fan base as well as a player’s prestige without doling out millions of dollars like Nike or Gatorade. This form of advertising has proven to be highly effective in reaching an intended audience given the NFL’s heavy social media presence. Fans now have access to the lives of over 1,400 NFL players, displaying elements of their personality not apparent during the game. Micro-endorsements will eventually level the playing field when measuring the celebrity of athletes in advertising dollars. Some players have a narrower market share in different regions and, therefore, produce little in advertising sales within their franchise. However, emphasizing hometown or collegiate connections through micro-endorsements can increase a player’s marketability. That is why the NFL Players Inc. in partnership with online marketing company, Opendorse, has welcomed micro-endorsements not only for their earning potential for players, but also for their short negotiation periods. Now, a smaller endorsement deal can be reviewed and given the go ahead within minutes.