Survival of the Fittest: Evolution of a Brand

June, 11, 2015 / 0 comments

In 1947, Polaroid became the leading innovator in photography by making the first ever camera that developed pictures in a minute or two. After many years of success Polaroid filed for bankruptcy in 2001. The failure of Polaroid was simple- it was really just a great product, but never a great brand. Around the same time that Polaroid was creating cameras, BMW started branding themselves as “ The Ultimate Driving Machine.” By doing this, BMW has successfully changed their brand image from building aircraft engines to building cars.

To become great, a product must evolve into a brand. By becoming memorable, a brand will succeed in areas other than what was intended. Building a brand means you are building recognition and setting yourself above the competition. At Johnson Gray we re-brand companies as a whole to make them last a lifetime. We are growing companies into brands one step at a time.