Removing Labels

July, 15, 2015 / 0 comments

In honor of Ramadan, Coca-Cola is teaming up with Dubai based agency FP7/DXB to raise awareness about worldwide prejudices and stereotypes. At Johnson Gray, we find it inspiring how Coca-Cola is abandoning labels on their cans and encouraging people to do the same. The memorable new cans will portray the message, “Labels are for cans, not people” to help emphasize the fight against prejudice and stereotypes.

To coincide with the unveiling of the new cans, Coca-Cola created an ad that highlights how quickly people develop prejudice and how easy it is to dismantle those perceptions. A group of men that come from different walks of life are put into a dark room and asked to guess each other’s appearances. When the lights are turned on, they discover how incorrect they were. By creating the new cans, Coca-Cola hopes to encourage people to take the time to get to know each other before making judgments. We love when agencies create moving ads to take on big world issues.

Shark Week’s Rise to Fame

July, 10, 2015 / 0 comments


The weeklong TV extravaganza known as Shark Week has attracted millions of viewers, but behind all the hype came a humble beginning. Debuting in 1988 with The Cage of Fear, Shark Week only had 10 scheduled programs at the time. Yet Discovery Channel’s primetime ratings nearly doubled from the average. Benefiting tremendously from the 1975 hit Jaws, Shark Week aired episodes related to the film as a tribute to the blockbuster. In 1999, Shark Week aired its first live program, Live From A Shark Cage. Since then Shark Week has been able to lure in more viewers than ever, and become a leading competitor in TV viewership.

Shark Week’s success can be attributed to many things but four specific ways stand out. The first is social media hype. By using #SharkWeek the show was able to promote and create discussion that engaged viewers in a two-way conversation. The second is to make a theme for all brands looking to buy commercial space. Shark Week provides a perfect tool for brands to incorporate sharks into a campaign that will relate to consumers. The third is by keeping up with the fear factor. Shark Week always keeps viewers on the edge of their seat, which keeps audiences coming back for more. The last way is to keep creating great content. Luckily for Discovery Channel, sharks are anything but dull and they have capitalized on the fact since the beginning.