A New Picture of Health in Riverside

October, 5, 2015 / 0 comments

The Riverside County Health System hired Johnson Gray Advertising for a branding and identity campaign that would rebrand the health network to Riverside University Health System. As an agency with 20 years of advertising and branding experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, establishing a strong identity for RUHS was right in our wheelhouse.

Riverside County Regional Medical Center Logo Before

Riverside University Medical Center, Behavioral Health, Public Health and the Community Health Center are the four foundational tiers of the Riverside University Health System and the rationale behind the “Cornerstones” logo. The tiers are represented by vibrant quadrants with colors that express health and warmth, while the ray of light effect separating them symbolize the sense of hope the system will provide the Riverside community.

Riverside University Health System Logo After

We are still in the process of the rebranding and will be rolling out several new looks for Riverside University Health System in the coming months.