Uniquely Laguna

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The happiest postal worker we’ve ever known. We always look forward to seeing him.


Looking for a beautiful New Year’s resolution?

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Since Johnson Gray’s move to Laguna Beach, we’ve noticed that every day around 5 PM people in the area all migrate to main beach to watch the sunset. Before we moved here, we were unaware of this daily ritual, but we can see why people do it. We enjoyed it so much so that we would like to share 7 reasons why you should make a sunset a regular routine in your life.

  1. The calming effect of a sunset can slow your perception of time.
  2. It’s only 20 minutes a day.
  3. A dose of fresh air promotes a sense of vitality.
  4. It’s healthy, whether you walking, running, or simply observing.
  5. It will force you to put your phone down.
  6. It will help you appreciate life’s gift.
  7. They can inspire you.

To see what time the sunset is today, visit this page.


3 Days til Christmas…time to see if you’ve got enough Christmas Spirit

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Which Holiday Movie Character are you? Quiz

The Most Influential Brands on Social Media

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If you’ve visited Amazon’s site lately and noticed the logo smiling a bit wider than usual, it may be because the company was recently named the most socially influential and engaging brand by Klout, a website that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to social influence.

For the rankings, Klout reviewed the Interbrand 2014 Best Global Brand report, a definitive list of the world’s most valuable brands, then assigned each brand a “Klout Score” – a 100-point numerical grade that measures the scope and strength of a brand’s online social influence – to create the Klout 50.

One of the insights gleaned from the study is that having a strong, well-recognized brand does not necessarily translate to success in social media. For instance, Apple was ranked first on Interbrand’s most valuable brand list, but found itself 28th on the Klout 50 behind less top-of-mind brands such as Audi, Adobe, Nokia, Goldman Sachs, and Tiffany & Co. In fact, Google, Microsoft, and McDonald’s were the only brands that ranked in the top 10 of both studies.

The purpose of this blog post is to show examples of what the highest-rated of the Klout 50 – Amazon, Microsoft, and MTV – are doing right.

Amazon typically reaches out over social networks with context-based engagements with offers in tow, such as this “Back to School”-themed question meant to provoke nostalgic responses as well as send users to the Back to School section of Amazon.

Amaz0n Social Engagement

Intermingled with news and offers, Microsoft has a #5to9 campaign, asking users how they spend their post-work hours. These updates are accompanied by inspirational images of scaled mountaintops or children learning, and the photos are tagged with hard-nosed acronyms like ASAP and ETA with reimagined meanings – “All Summits Are Possible” and “Educating Tomorrow’s Artists” respectively.

Microsoft FB ASAP

One of the things I found most impressive was MTV’s dedication to social media. The brand ranks 80th Interbrand’s list but brings home the bronze on the Klout 50. Their handling of their television show “Teen Wolf” gives great insight into executing a broad, socially-engaging campaign. MTV uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube, and even YouTube personalities in their social media efforts. In addition to the official “Teen Wolf” account, the show’s cast and crew contribute a large social presence, and the fans of the show react in kind.

Such an example is that of Quinn Wentz, a “Teen Wolf” fan who uploaded a song to YouTube based on the trailer of an upcoming episode on January 9th, 2014. The music video soon garnered the attention of not only the official “Teen Wolf” Twitter handle, but also several members of the main cast.

Teen wolf tweet 1

By the end of January, MTV was using Wentz’ fan-made video as an official promo for the show.

Teen wolf tweet 2

MTV also has four social media-centered shows involving “Teen Wolf” streaming on MTV.com. Two – “The FANtastic Show” and “The Teen Wolf After, After Show” – are hosted by YouTube personalities Tyler Oakley and lohanthony, respectively. In the third, “Pack Reacts”, the aforementioned lohanthony reacts to the reactions of fans coming in through Instagram video. The last, “Wolf Watch”, consists of the entire cast in a talk show-type setting, talking to a different fan every week through Skype.

With all-encompassing social media efforts such as this, it is easy to see how MTV landed so high on the Klout 50.

Teeing up for the Blind Children’s Learning Center

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The Blind Children’s Learning Center held its 2014 Fall Golf Classic on November 3rd, 2014 at the El Niguel Country Club in Laguna Niguel, CA. Proceeds from the day – amounting to $90,000 – will help to provide a “Total Communications Plan” for every child the organization serves that is blind, deaf-blind, or multi-disabled. The event consisted of 18 holes of scramble golf on the private, member-owned country club, as well as a blindfold putting contest, a post-tournament cocktail reception and silent auction, and capped off with an awards dinner and live auction.

2014 BCKC Golf Carts

Johnson Gray has proudly been teaming up with the Blind Children’s Learning Center since 2010, assisting them with charitable events as well as their advertising needs. It is common for a child with visual impairments to have expressive and receptive developmental delays. With the “Total Communication Plan” provided by the Blind Children’s Learning Center, a certified deaf-blind intervener studies each child’s mode of communication and behaviors to develop and implement a communication system created specifically for each child, helping them to reach their full potential. To learn more about the Blind Children’s Learning Center, please visit www.blindkids.org.

Funniest Political Ads of 2014

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Mitch McConnell

The big day is finally here everybody! After months of campaigning, millions of Americans will perform their civic duty by driving to their local polling place (which is usually in some neighbor’s dirty garage) and select the candidate they believe will remain true to their promises made during the election cycle. Politicians are known for some of their hilarious political ads and we’ve compiled some of our favorites.

1. JD Winteregg “Electile Dysfunction”

Having trouble performing your civic duty? JD Winteregg for Congress used twice daily proved to the voters of Ohio that the moment was right.

2. Joni Ernst “Squeal”

Joni Ernst knows her way around a hog… Just keep her away from scissors.

3. Mitch McConnell “Commercials”

This Kentucky Senator pays homage to Jean Claude Van Damme and has an inordinate amount of bloodhounds. The only thing he isn’t flexible on is Obamacare. Guess he should get a new Communications Team.

4. Thomas Ravenel “Do they Know?” 

Citizens of South Carolina endorse Thomas Ravenel with creepy smiles and a weird thumbs up.

The Tricks and the Treats in This Year’s Halloween Advertising

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Along with pink everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pumpkin-flavored everything, one of the surest signs that October is among us is the flurry of Halloween-themed advertisements. From Skittles’ first ever Halloween advertisement to Subway’s scary-not-in-a-good-way showing, here is your Halloween ad roundup.

For the first time in its 40-year history, Skittles released a Halloween-themed commercial. The 15-second TV spot shows a mammoth spider prodding a trick-or-treater to help his friend, who has been trapped in a spider’s web while trying to retrieve a few Skittles fun-size bags. There is also a 45-second web-only (pun absolutely intended) video that tells the done-to-death story of a boy and his giant spider. The extended version (shown below) prompts a smile and at least one chuckle before taking a sharp turn.

“Web” by Skittles

GEICO offers a well-executed spot that evokes the spirit of “Dale and Tucker vs. Evil”, turning a common horror movie trope on its head by ridiculing the bad decision-making of the soon-to-be-victims in slasher flicks.

“It’s What You Do” by GEICO

On the other end of the spectrum, Subway got blasted for a spot that many deemed to be sexist, drawing the ire of such prominent outlets as Time magazine and The Hollywood Reporter, among others. The spot was unceremoniously pulled soon after – a sad misstep, considering how clever their “Crop Fit” ad was.

“Halloween” by Subway



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Do a little experiment while reading this post in its entirety. Count the number of times you check your phone, email, or think about managing your fantasy team on your tablet. Even while writing this post I am not immune to the temptation of checking my Snap Chat or Instagram. We have become a culture that is completely distracted. The problems with diminishing attention spans means that advertisers must determine the factors that make people more engaged. According to the multi-media advertising company, YuMe, ad receptivity is all about location, location, location. It would make sense that people would be more attentive given where and when they see an ad. Many believed that watching TV in the comforts of home was the perfect place for consumers to absorb advertisements; however, YuMe’s research found that people were most likely to recall an ad’s content if viewed on a smart phone in a public place, specifically at work or at school. That being said, advertisers do not need to pander to an audience that is becoming more hyperactive in what they look at. The key is to maximize their reach to audiences in high attention contexts.