California Greenin’

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In less than two weeks, the 2016 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo will be held in Long Beach, CA. The expo allows fleets to discover hundreds of cost-saving, clean transportation solutions, all under one roof.

Green solutions have been gaining ground on traditional gasoline or diesel in recent years due to technological advances, lower costs, more stringent regulatory standards and consumer demand for corporate citizenship.

Natural gas has been one of the fuel alternatives experiencing the most growth and the trend is likely to continue. In the next decade, natural gas vehicles are expected to exceed $35 million in total sales. It is extremely versatile and can be used to power everything from cars to ocean liners while releasing significantly lower emissions than traditional fuels without sacrificing power.

Even better, natural gas is sustainable and improving. Two years ago, renewable natural gas (RNG) – derived from biomethane – accounted for just 10% of the natural gas used in California. Today, over half of the natural gas within California is renewable. Public transit, in particular, is rapidly implementing RNG. For instance, the Orange County Transportation Authority will soon have all of its 500-plus fleet of buses running on RNG.

This jump in adoption is due, in part, to companies like Agility Fuel Systems that are revolutionizing the technology used in natural gas systems. Johnson Gray Advertising will be helping Agility deliver their message on the merits of clean-burning natural gas at the ACT Expo, as we have for several of their other creative and marketing needs.

March Madness and the Courts of College Basketball

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March Madness is just getting started and this year the NCAA is giving the basketball courts an infographics-bend. In an attempt to better serve the channel-flippers hopscotching between four different channels, each site will be bordered with a different color scheme. The courts will indicate the host city and venue, which round the tourney is in, the venue’s logo and a new mid-court March Madness logo.

The court borders will change as the tournament progresses, as will the mid-court logo. The NCAA has not unveiled the logos for the later rounds yet, so there is no telling what sort of wrinkles these designs will entail.


The JGA office has been in a basketball mindset all week, so we’ve also been passing around some of the cooler court designs in college basketball.

It is a shame Oregon will be playing on a neutral court instead of their court in the middle of a forest.

Duck's Eye View An aerial view of the court as the Oregon Ducks take on the Oregon State Beavers at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. Oregon defeated Oregon State 82-63. Greg Nelson 007

Florida International University plays their ball on the beach.

500x270 FIU Court

And then, perhaps we’re biased, but the entire office agrees that Northern Kentucky University’s court takes home the trophy.

500x230 NKU Basketball Court

It Feels like Summer in Laguna Beach

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It is beautiful out in Laguna Beach today. This is such a great time of year because the beaches aren’t too crowded and the locals get to enjoy the warm weather and clear skies during their lunch breaks without getting bowled over by throngs of tourists.

And Liam the Lifeguard agrees.

The Petersen Museum Showcases Alternative Power Vehicles

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In 2015, Los Angeles’ renowned Petersen Automotive Museum underwent an extensive $90 million renovation. Far more than just a new coat of paint, the overhaul comes with several new features: a restored and upgraded collection of historically significant American and european classics, groundbreaking race cars and vehicles with Hollywood ancestry.

Included in the process, the museum introduced a state-of-the-art “Alternative Power” gallery which will showcase past attempts at creating vehicles that run on electric power, such as natural gas, hydrogen, electric and more. It will also display contemporary efforts at driving the adoption of green energy sources.

Johnson Gray has teamed up with several such companies, including Agility Fuel Systems – a natural gas fuel system manufacturer for heavy-duty tricks, buses and specialty vehicles – as well as the University of California, Irvine, whose National Fuel Cell Research Center develops fuel cell technology to power vehicles.

When the Mad Men Were Mad Boys

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A British designer recently uncovered a relic from advertising’s budding youth. While sifting through his recently passed grandmother’s belongings, he found a copy of “The Ad-Man’s Desk Book”, a book published in the 1940s that belonged to his art director grandfather.


The book reaches back to a time when direct mail was novel and “increasingly popular”. It champions the “growing importance” of color in advertising.


Vintage advertising is always fascinating, so it makes sense that the methods of achieving the results would follow suit. The book includes examples of Ben Day dots (a staple of mid-20th century comic books and of pop artists, such as office favorite Roy Lichtenstein) as well as several sample layouts.


And that is just a small sampling. Several more of the scans from the book can be found here.

A New Picture of Health in Riverside

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The Riverside County Health System hired Johnson Gray Advertising for a branding and identity campaign that would rebrand the health network to Riverside University Health System. As an agency with 20 years of advertising and branding experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, establishing a strong identity for RUHS was right in our wheelhouse.

Riverside County Regional Medical Center Logo Before

Riverside University Medical Center, Behavioral Health, Public Health and the Community Health Center are the four foundational tiers of the Riverside University Health System and the rationale behind the “Cornerstones” logo. The tiers are represented by vibrant quadrants with colors that express health and warmth, while the ray of light effect separating them symbolize the sense of hope the system will provide the Riverside community.

Riverside University Health System Logo After

We are still in the process of the rebranding and will be rolling out several new looks for Riverside University Health System in the coming months.

Shooting the Curl with a Couple of U.S. Open Surfers

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surfer girls

A pair of pro surfers dropped by the Johnson Gray office on Friday to hang out with everybody’s favorite Viking.

France’s Johanne Defay (left) and South Africa’s Bianca Buitendag (right) were in town for the Vans US Open of Surfing, which was held in Huntington Beach last weekend. Bianca made it to the semifinals before falling to France’s Johanne Defay, who wound up winning the entire tournament.

Now they are both off to Tahiti to participate in the Billabong Pro Tahiti.

We congratulate both of them on a job well done and wish them the best of luck in Tahiti, and hope to see them again for the competition next year!

Removing Labels

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In honor of Ramadan, Coca-Cola is teaming up with Dubai based agency FP7/DXB to raise awareness about worldwide prejudices and stereotypes. At Johnson Gray, we find it inspiring how Coca-Cola is abandoning labels on their cans and encouraging people to do the same. The memorable new cans will portray the message, “Labels are for cans, not people” to help emphasize the fight against prejudice and stereotypes.

To coincide with the unveiling of the new cans, Coca-Cola created an ad that highlights how quickly people develop prejudice and how easy it is to dismantle those perceptions. A group of men that come from different walks of life are put into a dark room and asked to guess each other’s appearances. When the lights are turned on, they discover how incorrect they were. By creating the new cans, Coca-Cola hopes to encourage people to take the time to get to know each other before making judgments. We love when agencies create moving ads to take on big world issues.