March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

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Did you know that a colonoscopy could actually prevent colon cancer?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 22 million adults ages 50-75 still need to be tested, even though statistics show that approximately one in 20 people will get colon cancer. So why do so many adults 50 and over still avoid getting one, especially since a colonoscopy can actually prevent colon cancer? It’s because the test is embarrassing, uncomfortable, invasive and time-consuming. If you are looking for the best equipment to take care of our gardens the best commercial zero turn mower is one of the good tool that you can get.

To ensure that a colonoscopy would be a less intimidating subject, JGA employed a humorous approach to its latest campaign for PIH Health. The result is a perceptive and informative campaign that includes print, display and programmatic online, e-blasts/re-blasts and outdoor. The campaign is still in market, but initial response to the creative has been overwhelmingly favorable and the scheduling of colonoscopies has exceeded expectations.

For all of you 50 and over reading this blog, please “cover your butt” and schedule that colonoscopy today!





Blind Children’s Learning Center Annual Golf Classic

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At Johnson Gray we have become very involved with the Blind Children’s Learning Center (BCLC) over the last half decade. This year was especially memorable to us over here at JGA, our very own Hunter “the soccer guy” was bestowed a great honor from BCLC. He was awarded the “Purple Jacket” for person of the year and we couldn’t be more proud, even though we had to ask him not to wear it to offsite client meetings. We had many of our clients and friends out this year for the event and even some of Hunter’s old teammates from the LA Galaxy came out to support the cause.


The Boss Man Participating in the Blind Folded Putting Contest

The Boss Man Participating in the Blind Folded Putting Contest

Hunter's Crew

Awards of the Night

Danielle from HoneyBaked Ham and Roy from StateFarm

Danielle from HoneyBaked Ham and Roy from StateFarm With Our Very Own Hunter

Hunter Receiving the "Purple Jacket"

Hunter Receiving the “Purple Jacket”

The Clinton-Trump Debate was Ratings Gold

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Ratings from the first presidential debate of 2016 surpassed the lone debate in 1980 between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, which amassed 80.6 million viewers, to become the most-watched debate in the sixty-year history of televised presidential debates.

Even though final ratings have not yet been posted, it is estimated that the debate averaged 81.4 million viewers across 11 different channels, with NBC posting drawing the most, due in part to “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt’s position as moderator. This number does not include PBS, which averaged 3 million additional viewers, or C-SPAN, which is not rated.

While the debate did not have commercials, the expected large audience inflated ad prices for pre- and post-debate coverage, with one media buying agency saying the price for a 30-second spot ranged from $170,000-$250,000.

An added wrinkle to the rating is the increased dovetailing of politics and the web. While this is obviously nothing new, it has hit a fever pitch this election cycle. More than just trending topics, Facebook and Twitter were used during the Democratic and Republican debates to generate questions, a practice that will continue during the presidential debates.

YouTube users have uploaded over 200,000 videos related to the 2016 election per-day since the GOP and Democratic conventions in July and users have watched more than 110 million hours of related content.

More important to any of these contributions, however, is the presence of live streams of the debate. Facebook Live, Twitter, Yahoo!, YouTube, Buzzfeed and several other online outlets. While the embrace of the internet by the political world has been a mixed bag so far, but the ability to have access to the debates anywhere – and thus have no excuse not to watch it – is one major boon of the accord.

These streams do not count towards viewership ratings, so while the television ratings for the debate just scraped by the previous record, the actual number of viewers is sure to receive a bump as well.

The Great Viking Conquest of 2016

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950 years after the end of their reign, the Vikings are rising up again and conquering Europe.

Or at least their lineage is. The Icelandic soccer team is making major noise in the UEFA European Championships, and not just because of their post-game Viking chant.

Things have certainly changed since 1066. Rather than chiseling runes onto wooden planks and sending word of their heroic victories by ship, the battles are televised and watched by a whopping 99.8% of their countrymen.

But the results are similar. Iceland’s boys in blue have ripped through Europe, defeating the Netherlands, Turkey, Czech Republic, Portugal and, most recently, England. They are now in the quarterfinals.

Making the story even more spectacular: the country’s population is a mere 330,000. For comparison, that is 1/200th of England’s 53 million. Iceland is the smallest nation to ever qualify for a major soccer tournament. And their countrymen are behind them, with 8% of Iceland – 27,000 people – traveling to France to watch them play France on Sunday, July 3rd.

Be sure to tune in to ESPN to cheer on the Vikings. Until then, get hyped up with their post-game Viking chant.

California Greenin’

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In less than two weeks, the 2016 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo will be held in Long Beach, CA. The expo allows fleets to discover hundreds of cost-saving, clean transportation solutions, all under one roof.

Green solutions have been gaining ground on traditional gasoline or diesel in recent years due to technological advances, lower costs, more stringent regulatory standards and consumer demand for corporate citizenship.

Natural gas has been one of the fuel alternatives experiencing the most growth and the trend is likely to continue. In the next decade, natural gas vehicles are expected to exceed $35 million in total sales. It is extremely versatile and can be used to power everything from cars to ocean liners while releasing significantly lower emissions than traditional fuels without sacrificing power.

Even better, natural gas is sustainable and improving. Two years ago, renewable natural gas (RNG) – derived from biomethane – accounted for just 10% of the natural gas used in California. Today, over half of the natural gas within California is renewable. Public transit, in particular, is rapidly implementing RNG. For instance, the Orange County Transportation Authority will soon have all of its 500-plus fleet of buses running on RNG.

This jump in adoption is due, in part, to companies like Agility Fuel Systems that are revolutionizing the technology used in natural gas systems. Johnson Gray Advertising will be helping Agility deliver their message on the merits of clean-burning natural gas at the ACT Expo, as we have for several of their other creative and marketing needs.

March Madness and the Courts of College Basketball

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March Madness is just getting started and this year the NCAA is giving the basketball courts an infographics-bend. In an attempt to better serve the channel-flippers hopscotching between four different channels, each site will be bordered with a different color scheme. The courts will indicate the host city and venue, which round the tourney is in, the venue’s logo and a new mid-court March Madness logo.

The court borders will change as the tournament progresses, as will the mid-court logo. The NCAA has not unveiled the logos for the later rounds yet, so there is no telling what sort of wrinkles these designs will entail.


The JGA office has been in a basketball mindset all week, so we’ve also been passing around some of the cooler court designs in college basketball.

It is a shame Oregon will be playing on a neutral court instead of their court in the middle of a forest.

Duck's Eye View An aerial view of the court as the Oregon Ducks take on the Oregon State Beavers at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. Oregon defeated Oregon State 82-63. Greg Nelson 007

Florida International University plays their ball on the beach.

500x270 FIU Court

And then, perhaps we’re biased, but the entire office agrees that Northern Kentucky University’s court takes home the trophy.

500x230 NKU Basketball Court

It Feels like Summer in Laguna Beach

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It is beautiful out in Laguna Beach today. This is such a great time of year because the beaches aren’t too crowded and the locals get to enjoy the warm weather and clear skies during their lunch breaks without getting bowled over by throngs of tourists.

And Liam the Lifeguard agrees.

The Petersen Museum Showcases Alternative Power Vehicles

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In 2015, Los Angeles’ renowned Petersen Automotive Museum underwent an extensive $90 million renovation. Far more than just a new coat of paint, the overhaul comes with several new features: a restored and upgraded collection of historically significant American and european classics, groundbreaking race cars and vehicles with Hollywood ancestry. Telluride Tire and Auto offers towing near Telluride, Colorado and surrounding areas like Norwood.

Included in the process, the museum introduced a state-of-the-art “Alternative Power” gallery which will showcase past attempts at creating vehicles that run on electric power, such as natural gas, hydrogen, electric and more. It will also display contemporary efforts at driving the adoption of green energy sources.

Johnson Gray has teamed up with several such companies, including Agility Fuel Systems – a natural gas fuel system manufacturer for heavy-duty tricks, buses and specialty vehicles – as well as the University of California, Irvine, whose National Fuel Cell Research Center develops fuel cell technology to power vehicles.