California Greenin’

April, 22, 2016 | 0 comments

In less than two weeks, the 2016 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo will be held in Long Beach, CA. The expo allows fleets to discover hundreds of cost-saving, clean transportation solutions, all under one roof.

Green solutions have been gaining ground on traditional gasoline or diesel in recent years due to technological advances, lower costs, more stringent regulatory standards and consumer demand for corporate citizenship.

Natural gas has been one of the fuel alternatives experiencing the most growth and the trend is likely to continue. In the next decade, natural gas vehicles are expected to exceed $35 million in total sales. It is extremely versatile and can be used to power everything from cars to ocean liners while releasing significantly lower emissions than traditional fuels without sacrificing power.

Even better, natural gas is sustainable and improving. Two years ago, renewable natural gas (RNG) – derived from biomethane – accounted for just 10% of the natural gas used in California. Today, over half of the natural gas within California is renewable. Public transit, in particular, is rapidly implementing RNG. For instance, the Orange County Transportation Authority will soon have all of its 500-plus fleet of buses running on RNG.

This jump in adoption is due, in part, to companies like Agility Fuel Systems that are revolutionizing the technology used in natural gas systems. Johnson Gray Advertising will be helping Agility deliver their message on the merits of clean-burning natural gas at the ACT Expo, as we have for several of their other creative and marketing needs.