“Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.”

May, 25, 2012 / 0 comments

The best form of marketing is to not market at all. Un-marketing, is what Scott Stratten calls it.

I quickly discovered Scott upon my entry into the twitterverse two years ago, and he has been one of my go-to marketing experts ever since. In his book UnMarketing, Scott declares that it’s time to stop marketing, and start engaging.

Scott discusses the pitfalls of traditional push marketing and emphasizes that marketing is only successful if it is interactive. The book is based on the idea that everything in marketing essentially comes down to how businesses interact with consumers; it’s not about deals or promotions, it’s simply about connecting.

The goal is to build relationships and connect with individuals in an authentic manner, and sales are the byproduct of those successful relationships. This very insight that I’ve learned from Scott has been a key factor in everything that I do.

It’s all about relationships – that is what marketing is about today, and what it has always been about.

Post by Mi Mai