Teeing up for the Blind Children’s Learning Center

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The Blind Children’s Learning Center held its 2014 Fall Golf Classic on November 3rd, 2014 at the El Niguel Country Club in Laguna Niguel, CA. Proceeds from the day – amounting to $90,000 – will help to provide a “Total Communications Plan” for every child the organization serves that is blind, deaf-blind, or multi-disabled. The event consisted of 18 holes of scramble golf on the private, member-owned country club, as well as a blindfold putting contest, a post-tournament cocktail reception and silent auction, and capped off with an awards dinner and live auction.

2014 BCKC Golf Carts

Johnson Gray has proudly been teaming up with the Blind Children’s Learning Center since 2010, assisting them with charitable events as well as their advertising needs. It is common for a child with visual impairments to have expressive and receptive developmental delays. With the “Total Communication Plan” provided by the Blind Children’s Learning Center, a certified deaf-blind intervener studies each child’s mode of communication and behaviors to develop and implement a communication system created specifically for each child, helping them to reach their full potential. To learn more about the Blind Children’s Learning Center, please visit www.blindkids.org.

How Fresh.

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With Pinnacle Capital Mortgage being our third rebrand this year, we decided to go with…get ready for it (drum roll on whichever office appliance is in closest proximity)…a simple, clean, and all around better look and feel.

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage is structured as a parent company to Peak Mortgage and Alpine Mortgage Planning. The JGA team saw an importance in creating brand consistency between all three conglomerates yet give each branch the opportunity to customize their individual sites separately. Each site went under some much needed spring cleaning, along with logo enhancements, testimonials, and a nifty mortgage calculator. Usability is another noteworthy improvement with the addition of mobile friendly sites and an advanced mapping system to easily locate offices and affiliated brokers across the country, we want our clients to be able to find the best refinance mortgage options online by using our website!

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, Peak Mortgage and Alpine Mortgage Planning Website Design

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage, Peak Mortgage and Alpine Mortgage Planning Website Design

Cross-Cultural Medicare Campaign

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PIH Health recently engaged their diverse community with an extension of their cross-cultural Medicare campaign. Serving the Los Angeles County with their network of hospitals, urgent care centers and physician groups; the seasonal arrival of Medicare Open Enrollment meant the timing was right for an informative campaign. Their goal being to engage their senior community by offering informational seminars on various health and wellness topics, educate their community on the benefits of staying active and healthy, and assist in simplifying the at times complicated Open Enrollment process.

The Johnson Gray team met this complex situation head on by starting with both qualitative and quantitative research. With expertise in pinpointing and implementing multicultural media options, we achieved high efficiency and reach for PIH Health’s ethnically diverse target audiences. Our strategy helped catapult this noteworthy campaign with print, online, outdoor, TV, digital, and direct mail pieces in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

PIH Health Medicare Open Enrollment Creative

PIH Health Medicare Open Enrollment Creative

The creative concept made an emotional appeal that resonated culturally within each group. Collateral portrayed people enjoying healthy, active lifestyles. This was in line with PIH Health’s desire to inform prospective users of available resources and help them make the best choices for their healthcare needs.

As a dedicated group of multicultural Vikings, the Johnson Gray team was excited for PIH Health to see a notable increase in attendance at their personal wellness workshops, even surpassing forecasted numbers.

KringleCare.gov Launches

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With the most festive of spirits, Johnson Gray Advertising celebrates this season with some giggles. Frequenting matters that are current and influential to this passing year, the agency sent out holiday wishes in the form of a government health care website parody, dubbed KringleCare.gov. This lampooning site directly mimics healthcare.gov in layout, style, and usability—even functionality (naturally, it doesn’t work at all)! The best part being error pop-ups, and quite funny ones at that.

With this satirical creation, we wish all our friends-democrats, republicans, and independents alike, a good laugh and a happy Holiday!

Check Santa’s Naughty/Nice List, submit your Christmas wish list, and for all the bad boys out there, trade in your coal at: KringleCare.gov


Johnson Gray Advertising, a Triple N (Nice-Not-Naughty) Certified company accepts no liability for the content of this email. We will also not be held liable for any side effects caused by the information provided, such as: neurological damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, nausea and vomiting, allergic reactions, drowsiness, insomnia, heart problems (such as heart palpitations), dependence, xanthophobia, turophobia, somniphobia, coulrophobia (though we totally understand this side effect!), omphalophobia, nomophobia, triskaidekaphobia, phobophobia or any other phobias living or deceased. If you are not the intended recipient of this email, you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing the contents of this information is totally okay. Yes, you can share with your friends!



Something to Make a Splash About

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Oh, crikey! The Johnson Gray team is at it again with a spiffy rebrand for client, Australian Swim School. For over 35 years the Australian Swim School has been bringing advanced swim training techniques with a fun Aussie twist to families in Southern California. Having four separate locations, their philosophy remains unchanged: To offer developmentally appropriate teaching techniques with an excellent customer experience.

The client turned to Johnson Gray for assistance in coordinating their marketing efforts to re-create their brand, renovate their website, and generate awareness for the opening of an additional swim school. A rebrand was achieved by freshening up all brand components—a renewed and modernized logo, fun and lively imaging, and a visually appealing yet highly functional website. Exposure for Australian Swim School’s new Santa Ana location was acquired through print ads, outdoor vinyls and additional promotional signage, and social media marketing.

Australian Swim School Creative

Australian Swim School Creative

The Alter-G Rebrand

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AlterG Blog copy

Alter-G has brought moon-walking back in style with their seemingly futuristic innovation of the NASA inspired Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This nearly unfathomable device uses air pressure to offset 80% of the user’s body weight in lower extremity therapy and training. Alter-G’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill offers benefits to several different markets; having specifically targeted advanced and professional athletes, they have secured allegiance from Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Manchester United and numerous other talent.

In addition, the company recently acquired their newest product, a Bionic Leg robotic assistance device for neurorehabilitation and physical therapy. With the acquisition of the Bionic Leg to the Anti-Gravity Treadmill, Alter-G’s innovative product portfolio has yet to meet a direct competitor. They recognized an urgency and relevance in defining their brand and paralleling its message with their company culture. Alter-G’s concern was that the look and feel of their brand was cold, dark, and disconnected; having no clear message. Their website was difficult to navigate, lacking consumer appeal and engagement. Alter-G’s brand was in need of a facelift.

A total rebrand is a hard task to take on, but not one too hard for a Viking. Always remember that Vikings are superior to pirates but equal to ninjas. Putting our helmets down and our thinking caps on, the Johnson Gray Team positioned Alter-G as a game-changer. We viewed the absence of light in the company’s branding to be the opposite of what Alter-G stands for. We wanted to highlight the inspirational and touching testimonials while offering an encouraging atmosphere to prospective users. By lightening up collateral, we captured the weightlessness component of the product into Alter-G’s brand messaging. With a complete web revamp we created a modern allure while increasing usability and translated all “medical speak” into more relatable language. Our specific strategy evoked messaging to reveal that ordinary people are surely capable of making astonishing accomplishments. Alter-G truly is “changing the way the world rehabs”.

Huntington Hospital Goes Pink

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In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Johnson Gray collaborated with new client, Huntington Hospital to produce their “HuntingtonForHer.com” website to celebrate survivors and encourage fighters.

HH Pink Blog Creative

Our swift turnaround campaign included signage for last week’s event, “Paint the Wall Pink”, where over 200 loving supporters covered a 4,000 square foot wall with pink handprints. In addition to visual support at the event, JGA created support collateral for Huntington Hospital and print ads featured in the Pasadena Star News. All of which highlight the “Huntington Difference”: innovative solutions that center on every individual need of each unique patient, from cutting-edge treatment to holistic healing approaches to secure exceptional clinical outcomes.

C. A. H. P. Credit Union

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New Comers

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Johnson Gray Advertising is quite excited to introduce the most recent additions to our list of Vikings! We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Marina Del Rey Hospital and Stewart & Soss Mortgage.

Marina Del Rey Hospital

This beautifully situated hospital that overlooks the harbor is known for more than just its charming setting. Marina Del Rey Hospital is recognized for its excellence in spine care, orthopedics, surgical weight loss, minimally invasive robotics surgery and non-invasive cardiology. A couple things we plan to conquer include building the brand as a whole while accentuating on where they excel!
Known for their nationally recognized spine program and extensive work on countless on countless professional star athletes.

Stewart & Soss Mortgage

This well-established Mortgage Company in San Jose has recently made a geographical expansion. As they have branched out into Orange County and just North of San Francisco, we are collaborating to not only introduce them to their new surroundings but also take their brand to the next level. Reviewers at Yelp.com have recognized Stewart & Soss Mortgage as one of the highest rated financial service companies. Their expansion includes extremely recent office openings, one in beautiful Newport Beach and the other in San Rafael.

We are eager utilize our extensive experience in health care with Marina Del Rey Hospital as we take them to the next level and work with Stewart & Soss Mortgage to develop new and unique ways to utilize new marketing and technology to engage with potential clients

2012 Olympic Ads

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As most of us are glued to our televisions every night after work this week and for the following week and a half watching the Olympics, we’ve seen several advertisements that are medal worthy. While several advertisements are creative, Proctor and Gamble is the clear gold medal winner. According to Business Insider, P&G has four of the top thirteen most-shared videos, and “it has one video that has more than six times the shares of videos No. 2 through No. 99 combined.†Check out the video below:
P&G 2012 Olympic Ad

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