Creating Change in Laguna

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In Laguna Beach, art is ubiquitous. Art galleries seem to be on every block. Our office is next door to a sculpture garden and a two-minute walk from a ten-foot, bearded statue of Laguna Beach’s legendary “Greeter”. It’s as if the entire city were right-brained.

It is only fitting that the city would try to help out the local homeless population with a little bit of flare. In order to raise awareness on how to properly make a donation to the homeless and cut down on panhandling, local artists were commissioned to turn parking meters into eye-catching street art.

Scattered throughout the town, these meters serve a dual purpose. Upon closer examination, they are donation stations aiding homeless programs within the Laguna Beach area. The program is called “Create Change” and has been around since 2008.

We have found a couple of the meters in person and discovered a few more online. Let us know if there are any we’ve missed.


Teeing up for the Blind Children’s Learning Center

November, 10, 2014 / 0 comments

The Blind Children’s Learning Center held its 2014 Fall Golf Classic on November 3rd, 2014 at the El Niguel Country Club in Laguna Niguel, CA. Proceeds from the day – amounting to $90,000 – will help to provide a “Total Communications Plan” for every child the organization serves that is blind, deaf-blind, or multi-disabled. The event consisted of 18 holes of scramble golf on the private, member-owned country club, as well as a blindfold putting contest, a post-tournament cocktail reception and silent auction, and capped off with an awards dinner and live auction.

2014 BCKC Golf Carts

Johnson Gray has proudly been teaming up with the Blind Children’s Learning Center since 2010, assisting them with charitable events as well as their advertising needs. It is common for a child with visual impairments to have expressive and receptive developmental delays. With the “Total Communication Plan” provided by the Blind Children’s Learning Center, a certified deaf-blind intervener studies each child’s mode of communication and behaviors to develop and implement a communication system created specifically for each child, helping them to reach their full potential. To learn more about the Blind Children’s Learning Center, please visit

Who’s Confident, Who’s Not?

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The 2014 World Cup has more social media traffic than any other sporting event in history. The upcoming final of Germany and Argentina will add even more to this new record, but we asked ourselves, which country is more excited for the final. It being such a social media success, we believed in social media lies the answer.

Argentina has more mentions than Germany across every major social media site. In total, there have been 35.4 million social mentions of Argentina on social media sites so far this World Cup, whereas Germany only has 22.7 million social mentions. Argentina has received more social mentions than Germany with each victory in every round of the World Cup. Also, the star Argentinian player, Lionel Messi, is the second most talked about player in the entire Cup, with 26 million mentions, whereas the most talked about player on Germany is Thomas Muller, with only 2.7 million mentions.

Germany’s social mentions, however, are much more positive than Argentina’s. 27% of Germany’s discussions are positive towards the team and 19% are negative. Argentina, on the other hand, has only a 22% positive rating and a 20% negative rating, which, according to the data, shows more people believe Germany has a higher chance of winning. Germany is also involved in the most talked about game of the World Cup; Germany vs. Brazil, for obvious reasons, reached 4.8 million mentions in only 90 minutes.

Argentina may lead the discussion on social media, but German fans are more verbally confident that they will win. Watch the game on Sunday to see if they’re right.

Arg Ger Fans Image

World Cup Outscores Super Bowl in the Ad World

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Sports fans and non-sports fans alike know about the notoriety of a Super Bowl ad. Everyone looks forward to the commercials that accompany the game, sometimes even more than the game itself. However, another event may be more deserving of the ad notoriety.

The FIFA World Cup ads have attracted more viewers on YouTube than the NFL’s Super Bowl. The clips shown in our post earlier have helped to reach 1.2 billion minutes of World Cup-related advertising viewership just in one week. This number is four times the amount people spent watching Super Bowl ads last year! Since the World Cup has begun, there have been almost 600 million World Cup-related searches on Google. These ads include companies such as McDonalds, Nike, Beats by Dre, Coca Cola, Adidas, ESPN, Pepsi, and GoPro, and they include stars such as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar Jr., Rooney and Howard.

The statistics show more people are excited to watch futbol ads than football ads. If you haven’t seen them yet be sure to watch all the TV spots and videos on our previous post that all of us at JGA have enjoyed watching.

Super Bowl vs. World Cup Advertising Info Graphic


2014 World Cup Commercials

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Because we are the ultimate viking-soccer loving agency, Johnson Gray has compiled the top 2014 World Cup Commercials and videos thus far.

GOL by McDonald’s

Winner Stays by Nike

The Last Game by Nike Football

The Game Before the Game by Beats By Dre

One World, One Game – Everyone’s Invited by Coca Cola

I am Brazuca by Adidas

I Believe by ESPN

Now is What You Make It by Pepsi

Brasil Futebol – For The Love by GoPro


Huntington Hospital Goes Pink

October, 3, 2013 / 0 comments

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Johnson Gray collaborated with new client, Huntington Hospital to produce their “” website to celebrate survivors and encourage fighters.

HH Pink Blog Creative

Our swift turnaround campaign included signage for last week’s event, “Paint the Wall Pink”, where over 200 loving supporters covered a 4,000 square foot wall with pink handprints. In addition to visual support at the event, JGA created support collateral for Huntington Hospital and print ads featured in the Pasadena Star News. All of which highlight the “Huntington Difference”: innovative solutions that center on every individual need of each unique patient, from cutting-edge treatment to holistic healing approaches to secure exceptional clinical outcomes.

April Fooled in the Media 2013

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The Advertising community had a entertaining and interesting April Fools run. Major companies like Google went all-out and others pushed their jokes on YouTube commercials, Facebook and their websites.

Google’s videos that described their “April Fools†jokes left an impression of realistic sarcasm. Before you watch their videos for Google Nose Beta, the You Tube contest or Google Treasure Maps View you may feel that perhaps, because they are Google, they did invent it, or maybe it is true. Most people go to the Internet to check their sources and search through Google. Google is what the majority of people depend on when doing searches, so the likeliness of being caught as gullible before you read more or watch the videos is a bit greater. The employees of Google are so called experts, so if you were to fall for their April Fools stunts, you won’t be judged.

Check out how Google and some others tried to fool you this April 1, 2013.

YouTube Best Video Ever and Shut Down

Google Nose

Treasure Mode with Google Maps

Scope Bacon

Virgin Atlantic launches the world’s first glass bottomed plane ever

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.08.47 AM
Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.16.36 AM

Verizon FiOS launches FiOS Hipster

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.10.06 AM

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Pop-Tarts

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 11.40.59 AM

Toshiba has created the Shibasphere, a gaming console that’s a game-changer.

Capital One Canada announces the Cocoa Rewards Mastercard

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.53.55 AM

BMW (UK) announces the latest edition to its lifestyle collection – The BMW P.R.A.M.


Skype introduces Skype Into Space

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 6.24.26 PM

New York Ad agency, Mother New York named the Illuminati as their new client.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.25.15 AM

New Comers

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Johnson Gray Advertising is quite excited to introduce the most recent additions to our list of Vikings! We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Marina Del Rey Hospital and Stewart & Soss Mortgage.

Marina Del Rey Hospital

This beautifully situated hospital that overlooks the harbor is known for more than just its charming setting. Marina Del Rey Hospital is recognized for its excellence in spine care, orthopedics, surgical weight loss, minimally invasive robotics surgery and non-invasive cardiology. A couple things we plan to conquer include building the brand as a whole while accentuating on where they excel!
Known for their nationally recognized spine program and extensive work on countless on countless professional star athletes.

Stewart & Soss Mortgage

This well-established Mortgage Company in San Jose has recently made a geographical expansion. As they have branched out into Orange County and just North of San Francisco, we are collaborating to not only introduce them to their new surroundings but also take their brand to the next level. Reviewers at have recognized Stewart & Soss Mortgage as one of the highest rated financial service companies. Their expansion includes extremely recent office openings, one in beautiful Newport Beach and the other in San Rafael.

We are eager utilize our extensive experience in health care with Marina Del Rey Hospital as we take them to the next level and work with Stewart & Soss Mortgage to develop new and unique ways to utilize new marketing and technology to engage with potential clients

Is Microtargeting In Political Campaigns A Bad Idea?

July, 24, 2012 / 0 comments

People are getting used to ads that target them personally. They’re all over, on Facebook, Google, and just about every sidebar you look at. Now, political campaigns are using the tactic to promote specific messages to designated audiences as well.

Campaigns use anything from voting records, to online purchase histories to help decide which aspect of their candidate’s platform a voter sees online. For example, you could get an ad about employment issues, or reproductive rights based on personal information purchased by campaign marketing teams.

However, a study recently published by The School For Communications at The University of Pennsylvania shared findings that 86 percent of respondents don’t appreciate the targeted ads. And why would they?

It’s hard to trust a candidate that is willing to purchase information about potential voters, and the targeting can be quite presumptuous. That’s the consensus among most Americans. In fact, 64 percent of voters said their likelihood of voting for a candidate who has microtargeted them in advertising would decrease.

The information uncovered by the study should be an eye opener for political advertisers. Politicians try hard to gain trust, but these modern tactics are proving to do the opposite.

Post by Daniel Miller

BCLC Walk to Independence

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The Blind Children’s Learning Center 8th Annual Destination to Independence Walk raised over $120,000 this past Saturday! A loud roar from the Ruff Ryders kicked off the event. After the walk, we enjoyed a fun carnival complete with games, bounce houses, hot dogs, cotton candy, and snow cones. The money from the walk will provide support to blind children and their families as well as empower children to their independence. To learn more about BCLC click here

Check out Team JGA Vikings and the Ruff Ryders at the walk:

Post by Marissa Maliwanag