Social Media’s All-Time Most Viral Super Bowl Ads

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Just in time for Super Bowl XLIX, marketing technology company Unruly has released a list of the most shared Super Bowl ads of all time by measuring the combined Facebook, Twitter and blog shares per spot.

Originally aired in 2011, Volkswagen’s “The Force” ad tops the list with 5.3 million shares. The ad for the 2012 Volkswagen Passat features a kid in a Darth Vader costume attempting to use the Force on the family dog, a baby doll and a sandwich, among other household staples. When the child’s father pulls into the driveway in his Passat, the child rushes outside to try his luck on the car, this was such a part of their lives, they even used this as a joke when they started to ask themselves at what age do boys start talking so they used the force topic to have fun while learning. In the next scene, the dad is looking through the kitchen window, tricking the child into believing he actually accomplished his goal of harnessing the Force.

The next year, Volkswagen followed up with another “Star Wars”-themed spot that appears eighth on the list with 900,000 shares. The ad features a group of dogs barking to the tune of “The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)”.

Despite the successes, Volkswagen is sitting out the 2015 Super Bowl.

Budweiser appears on the list three times (2, 3, 4) with a combined 8.4 million shares, including a one-minute spot featuring the company’s iconic Clydesdale horses roaming New York City before kneeling down in reverence of the city’s altered skyline. The ad – entitled “Respect” – aired only once, on February 3, 2002, five months after the events of September 11th.

Also of note: three of the most-shared ads on the list were movie trailers, including two from the “Fast and the Furious” franchise.

The majority of the ads that appear on the list are from the last few years, reflecting the increasing ubiquity of social media in society, so it is very likely that a few spots from the 2015 Super Bowl will make it onto the next iteration of this list.

1. Volkswagen – “The Force” (2011)

2. Budweiser – “Respect” (2002)

3. Budweiser – “Brotherhood” (2013)

4. Budweiser – “Puppy Love” (2014)

5. Dodge Ram Trucks – “Farmer” (2013)

6. Universal – “Fast and the Furious 6” Movie Trailer (2013)

7. Chevrolet w/ OK Go – “Needing/Getting” Music Video Trailer (2012)

8. Volkswagen – “The Bark Side” (2012)

9. Universal – “Fast Five” Movie Trailer (2011)

10. Paramount – “Star Trek: Into Darkness” Movie Trailer (2013)

How To Make A Million In Three Days

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Johnnie Walker has chosen a unique marketing campaign to promote its Blue Label Whiskey, one that involves Jude Law, the British Virgin Islands, and an priceless Italian boat.

What’s unique about this campaign is that instead of the usual television spot, where companies pay for the viewers, Johnnie Walker has spent the money to produce it’s own short film, one with a compelling story and a cliff hanger. The hope is that the video will become so viral that it will raise more awareness than a traditional TV spot.

However, this type of marketing is risky because there is no guarantee that anyone will watch the video, resulting in a large quantity of money being spent with no reward. However, only being out three days, the YouTube video has already attracted over a million viewers. And with the cliffhanger ending, the sequel is bound to attract the same if not more viewers than the first, raising even more awareness for the Johnnie Walker name.

German Sponsor Adidas Wins As Well

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Even at the beginning of the worldwide tournament, it was certain that there were two companies battling for the top spot. Adidas had sponsored 9 teams and Nike sponsored 10. Although Puma sponsored a total of 8 teams, none of the 8  seemed likely to win. However, even before the final game, one company was obviously the victor.

At the beginning of the tournament, both Nike and Adidas seemed to have equal chances of winning. Nike held possible winners such as Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, and France, which included stars such as Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.. Adidas held Germany, Argentina, Colombia and Spain with stars such as Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez, and Thomas Muller. By the semi-finals, both companies had two teams still in the race, but it quickly went Adidas’ way.


 Both of Adidas’ teams in the semi-finals, Germany and Argentina, advanced to the final, guaranteeing Adidas the winning team. Additionally, Nike’s star athlete, Neymar Jr., was injured before the semi-finals and did not participate. Adidas held the top three scorers in the tournament, two of which were playing in the final game. Germany, Adidas’ home country, ended up winning the Cup, Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball award, Manuel Neuer won the Golden Glove award, and James Rodriguez won the Golden Boot award – all sponsored by Adidas.

These results mean that people everywhere will be buying the jerseys and gear of these teams and players, all of which are sold by Adidas. On the other hand, although Nike held some of the most popular players at the beginning of the tournament, those players will most likely earn less income for Nike than previously anticipated. As a result, Adidas forecasts a 7% or 8% increase in sales. If the numbers hold true, Adidas will earn $400 million more in soccer sales than Nike in the year to come.

Either Adidas is lucky or they have great insight into how to pick teams.

World Cup kit sponsorship

World Cup Outscores Super Bowl in the Ad World

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Sports fans and non-sports fans alike know about the notoriety of a Super Bowl ad. Everyone looks forward to the commercials that accompany the game, sometimes even more than the game itself. However, another event may be more deserving of the ad notoriety.

The FIFA World Cup ads have attracted more viewers on YouTube than the NFL’s Super Bowl. The clips shown in our post earlier have helped to reach 1.2 billion minutes of World Cup-related advertising viewership just in one week. This number is four times the amount people spent watching Super Bowl ads last year! Since the World Cup has begun, there have been almost 600 million World Cup-related searches on Google. These ads include companies such as McDonalds, Nike, Beats by Dre, Coca Cola, Adidas, ESPN, Pepsi, and GoPro, and they include stars such as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar Jr., Rooney and Howard.

The statistics show more people are excited to watch futbol ads than football ads. If you haven’t seen them yet be sure to watch all the TV spots and videos on our previous post that all of us at JGA have enjoyed watching.

Super Bowl vs. World Cup Advertising Info Graphic


2014 World Cup Commercials

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Because we are the ultimate viking-soccer loving agency, Johnson Gray has compiled the top 2014 World Cup Commercials and videos thus far.

GOL by McDonald’s

Winner Stays by Nike

The Last Game by Nike Football

The Game Before the Game by Beats By Dre

One World, One Game – Everyone’s Invited by Coca Cola

I am Brazuca by Adidas

I Believe by ESPN

Now is What You Make It by Pepsi

Brasil Futebol – For The Love by GoPro Launches

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With the most festive of spirits, Johnson Gray Advertising celebrates this season with some giggles. Frequenting matters that are current and influential to this passing year, the agency sent out holiday wishes in the form of a government health care website parody, dubbed This lampooning site directly mimics in layout, style, and usability—even functionality (naturally, it doesn’t work at all)! The best part being error pop-ups, and quite funny ones at that.

With this satirical creation, we wish all our friends-democrats, republicans, and independents alike, a good laugh and a happy Holiday!

Check Santa’s Naughty/Nice List, submit your Christmas wish list, and for all the bad boys out there, trade in your coal at:


Johnson Gray Advertising, a Triple N (Nice-Not-Naughty) Certified company accepts no liability for the content of this email. We will also not be held liable for any side effects caused by the information provided, such as: neurological damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, nausea and vomiting, allergic reactions, drowsiness, insomnia, heart problems (such as heart palpitations), dependence, xanthophobia, turophobia, somniphobia, coulrophobia (though we totally understand this side effect!), omphalophobia, nomophobia, triskaidekaphobia, phobophobia or any other phobias living or deceased. If you are not the intended recipient of this email, you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing the contents of this information is totally okay. Yes, you can share with your friends!



Just Keep Pinning

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Pinterest is a visual social network that heavily focuses on creativity and lifestyle. Over the course of last year, comScore reported that Pinterest grew a staggering 4,377%, garnering over 11 million users to date. With a current estimated valuation of $1.5 billion, Pinterest is a force to be reckon with – not bad for a company that launched merely two years ago.

In addition to its popularity and rapid growth, statistics reveal that Pinterest is more effective at driving traffic than any other social media network, Facebook included. We’re positive your SEO senses must be tingling right now, but don’t get too excited because Pinterest uses no-follow links, meaning that traffic driven to any website will not directly impact SEO.

However, the value in Pinterest, just like any other social media network, lies in building connections with followers who are genuinely interested in your content. Similar to Instagram, Pinterest allows companies to build a visual representation of their brands and find creative ways to showcase products and services that fit into the lifestyles of their target audience.

From pictures to infographics and tutorials, Pinterest is the blank canvas that allows both individuals and companies to build their brand, one pin at a time.

Take a look at this video for a quick overview of what Pinterest is all about, and have fun pinning!

Post by Mi Mai

Think Twitter won’t help your business? Think again.

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Companies using Twitter average two times more leads than those that do not. Plus 42% of companies that use twitter as a marketing strategy have gained a new customer from it.

Hope these fun facts give you something to think about!

Trailer Meets Commercial

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Everyday we are constantly inundated with product placements and embedded advertisements on that little thing we like to call “the tube”. Well, the big screen meets the silver screen in a whole new way as of late with the recently aired advertisements for companies like Coors and Target. Here are some interesting, new, and trendy ads that incorporate the best blockbusters and these innovative brands. Take a look at these two ads that catch your eye and take product placement to a whole new level!

So, now that you’ve seen the ads, what do you think? Is this a fun, great way to incorporate product placement? Or is it too obvious, and in the way of the movie or the brand? Its up to you to decide!

Post by: Allison Daino

Instagram, Apps, and Cruel Ironies

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In advertising it’s important to be on the ball and up to speed with the latest trends. With technology constantly evolving and changing, it can be hard to keep up. However, businesses today are starting to realize the potential that popular Apps, like Instagram, have to offer.

Instagram is an application solely for your mobile smartphone, and cannot be accessed on a webpage. Founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in 2010, Instagram provides a way for users to share their stories through an array of picture updates while providing a fool proof way to add interesting filters to your photos. This social media newbie may seem simple, but it has caught on like wildfire! Instagram even has companies like Starbucks, Pepsi, and Playboy hopping on board with their own daily photo updates. This is a great example of how brands can use social media to their advantage and further brand identity to really connect with loyal brand followers.


Then you have examples of the way a poorly done social media App can alter a brand. In this case, however, the brand is the next presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. If you haven’t heard, an App that allows you to take a picture and then apply one of fourteen different stills to the photo and share on Facebook, Twitter, or through email was released on Tuesday from the Mitt Romney campaign. In theory, this is a great way to reach voters young and old, on any side of the technology (or party) spectrum; There was only one problem–Amercia. Take a long hard look at that… notice anything? That’s right, the app that was released last tuesday features “A Better Amercia”– not America. While this could be an intricately woven PR stunt meant to gain attention to the newly corrected app and increase traffic in downloads, the negative attention from this app is potentially damaging to the campaign. At the end of the day- stunt or no stunt, democrat, republican, or independent, sometimes one just has to laugh when something is truly funny. Our advice to companies looking into using social media to connect with consumers and showcase their brand? Use spellcheck.


Post by: Allison Daino