Funniest Political Ads of 2014

November, 5, 2014 | 0 comments

Mitch McConnell

The big day is finally here everybody! After months of campaigning, millions of Americans will perform their civic duty by driving to their local polling place (which is usually in some neighbor’s dirty garage) and select the candidate they believe will remain true to their promises made during the election cycle. Politicians are known for some of their hilarious political ads and we’ve compiled some of our favorites.

1. JD Winteregg “Electile Dysfunction”

Having trouble performing your civic duty? JD Winteregg for Congress used twice daily proved to the voters of Ohio that the moment was right.

2. Joni Ernst “Squeal”

Joni Ernst knows her way around a hog… Just keep her away from scissors.

3. Mitch McConnell “Commercials”

This Kentucky Senator pays homage to Jean Claude Van Damme and has an inordinate amount of bloodhounds. The only thing he isn’t flexible on is Obamacare. Guess he should get a new Communications Team.

4. Thomas Ravenel “Do they Know?” 

Citizens of South Carolina endorse Thomas Ravenel with creepy smiles and a weird thumbs up.