March Madness and the Courts of College Basketball

March, 16, 2016 | 0 comments

March Madness is just getting started and this year the NCAA is giving the basketball courts an infographics-bend. In an attempt to better serve the channel-flippers hopscotching between four different channels, each site will be bordered with a different color scheme. The courts will indicate the host city and venue, which round the tourney is in, the venue’s logo and a new mid-court March Madness logo.

The court borders will change as the tournament progresses, as will the mid-court logo. The NCAA has not unveiled the logos for the later rounds yet, so there is no telling what sort of wrinkles these designs will entail.


The JGA office has been in a basketball mindset all week, so we’ve also been passing around some of the cooler court designs in college basketball.

It is a shame Oregon will be playing on a neutral court instead of their court in the middle of a forest.

Duck's Eye View An aerial view of the court as the Oregon Ducks take on the Oregon State Beavers at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. Oregon defeated Oregon State 82-63. Greg Nelson 007

Florida International University plays their ball on the beach.

500x270 FIU Court

And then, perhaps we’re biased, but the entire office agrees that Northern Kentucky University’s court takes home the trophy.

500x230 NKU Basketball Court