Case Study St. Joseph Health

Strengthening the Roots of St. Joseph Health
Imagine the archetype of a small town doctor. Warm. Caring. Known and respected by everybody in town. Now imagine that doctor with the very latest in medical technology and unsurpassed expertise. That’s St. Joseph Health System – Sonoma County. With more and more big name competition moving in, they needed to remind people that the expertise, compassionate care and personalized attention everyone deserves is right here and has been for generations. So we highlighted the personal connection to the patients and community that sets St. Joseph Health apart while also educating the public about their efforts to always remain on the cutting edge of medicine. To achieve this, we developed a testimonial-based campaign featuring well-respected community members and actual patients telling their own stories.

How We Helped St. Joseph:
TV & Video
Radio Ads
Print Ads
Landing pages
Out of Home
Social Media Strategy & Campaigns